Monday, January 30, 2012

Recent Updates to

Our free file upload service recently gained some decent traffic, especially after many of our competitors decided to limit or even stop offering free file sharing. This is good news for us and for all our new and existing customers.

When more and more people come to our web site (Google), we become more and more popular. Our site becomes better with each new customer and every new positive feedback posted on websites, newsgroups, forums and Facebook walls. We love helping people and we are always excited to hear that we made someone happy.

Our free service has been updated in the last few days.

The very visible and the most important update is that the return e-mail address is now a requirement. This functionality greatly benefits both you and us.

Let me explain.

Using your return e-mail address makes you get a confirmation message with each file. The message contains:
- the unique link to the file,
- the file delete link,
- the list of your file recipients,
- the password to the file, if used.

The unique file link allows you to manually send the file to more people outside our service.

The password reminder reduces the workload on our support group. People misspell or forget their passwords quite often, so they call us for help. Now everyone who submitted a file with a password, will get their password in e-mail.

The file delete link, in fact, saves us storage space, because you can now delete your file after your recipient received it, without waiting for the file to expire.

The list of recipients now tells if there were any misspellings in e-mail addresses. We occasionally get requests from people to check if someone has received the file. Now you can verify if you sent the file to the correct people before asking us for help.

Another update was done to our free Android app. The old version had an issue with some built-in phone service accounts. It even received some negative feedback on the Android market because certain newer Android phones came preconfigured with "weather" or "news" accounts as their default accounts. The absence of email accounts in the phone's default configuration confused our servers.

Mentioned that, we advise you to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1 version of our File Transfer Free app to avoid unnecessary limitations on daily uploads.

We also ask you to submit your requests to us first before posting negative feedbacks on a public place. Any stick has two ends, and strangely enough, your negative feedback hurts both you and us. Besides that, we love when you are happy.

Remember, our service and our Android and iPhone apps are totally and perpetually free. We are not even asking for a donation. So… if you use our file transfer service or our mobile apps, please let us know what you liked or didn't like. We are happy to hear from you, whether it is critique or praise.

Our EmailLargeFile.COM contact page is

If you are a paid subscriber of the EmailLargeFile.NET service, please use the Support request form on the Account page, or contact us via http://EmailLargeFile.NET/contact.aspx.

If we already confused you enough, or you just don't know which site you need, you are welcome to post your opinion or request here on this blog.