Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to Send Photos from iPhone with Return Receipt

Answer: use the free EmailLargeFile iPhone app.

What are the advantages? Our iPhone app is free, it sends full-resolution photos as opposed to sending them via text messaging, and it will notify you when your recipient opens the file.

Here is how to use it.

1. Download the 'EMail Large File' app.

2. Go to your iPhone Settings, select 'EMail Large File' in the list.
Enter an e-mail address you want to use for return receipts. We often call them delivery notifications. It's because they are sent once your recipient opens or downloads the file you sent them. Those messages are only sent once per submission, so don't worry about getting multiple e-mails.

3. Launch the EMail Large File app.

Tap on [Photo Library], and select a photo from your iPhone gallery.

Next, tap on [EMail to:] to select a recipient address.
Alternatively, you can type the e-mail address manually if you don't have it in your address book.

Finally, tap on [Send] to upload and send the file.

4. After a few seconds or minutes, depending how fast your internet connection is (we recommend using WiFi) you will see the "success" message.

At this point, your file is on our server, and your buddy is sent an link to the file.

The link will be active for 7 days. If your recipient views the photo before the link expires, we will send you the delivery confirmation to the e-mail address you entered in step #2.

Important: please be aware that depending on your mobile plan your provider (including AT&T or Verizon) may charge you extra for transferring files or data. That's why we recommend using WiFi whenever possible for browsing Internet or using file transfer services such as

Monday, December 5, 2011

How to Set Up EmailLargeFile Dropbox

in one of my earlier posts I explained how to use the EmailLargeFile dropbox. Let's see how you can set it up and configure.

First, login to EmailLargeFile account. Go to Account Settings.

After you click the Enable dropbox option, a frame with the configuration settings will unfold.

Enter Title and Description. That's what the users will see.
It's a good idea to use your name in the Dropbox title, and to put an extended message for users in the Description. They have to know that they won't be allowed to send files to you until you add them to your Emaillargefile address book.

Html is allowed in the Description field.

This is how your users will see the dropbox:

Now, the number of files per e-mail is essentially a restriction imposed on how many files a user can upload to you. Keeping it at 5 might be a good idea.

Now, it's good to know that the following limitations are true for dropboxes:
- dropbox cannot be bigger than 8Gb for Professional accounts or any accounts under 24Gb of total space allotment,
- it cannot be bigger than 2Gb for Personal accounts or any accounts with total space allotment of 8Gb or less (if enabled).