Friday, April 27, 2012

The quickest and easiest way to send large files

June 2020 Update: some pictures in this article are outdated as the Service has been completely redesigned in 2020.

If you need to transfer a large file to someone, don't send it as an e-mail attachment. EmailLargeFile.Net can help you transfer files as big as 2GB, all via browser.

You can send a file in 3 steps.

1. Click 'New Package'.
Type the package Title and an optional description.

Package is what combines multiple files into one envelope when you send it. This is what helps your recipients figure out what the file is about, and allows them to download multiple files in one ZIP.

2. Click Next, then Select and upload files.

You can select and upload multiple files in one batch. The applet will tell you their file sizes and will show you the upload progress.

3. Next, click the Package Link shortcut:

4. The file link is ready.

You may copy the link to a new e-mail message, or click 'Create message' to launch e-mail client:

At this point you are done.

When your recipient clicks the link to download the files, they will see a file download page similar to this:

You need to register before you can use EmailLargeFile.Net. Registration is quick and easy:

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  1. Here's what I want to do: (1) create a package, (2) upload 1 or more files with ID, (3) give friends the web address, (4) let them download any file by its ID, and (5) upload additional files as they become available. How do I do all this?