Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Receive Large Files via EmailLargeFile Dropbox

June 2020 Update: the pictures on this article are outdated as the Service has been completely redesigned in 2020.

In the earlier posts, I explained how to send files with EmailLargeFile.

What if you need to receive files from your friends or clients? You can do that with EmailLargeFile Dropbox feature.

Here is how.

Step 1. Make sure all people who may send files to you are added to your EmailLargeFile address book.

Step 2. Send a link to your dropbox to your friends or clients. If you have a Website, it might be a good idea to post the link to your EmailLargeFile dropbox on your web site. Such as this:

(This is a working dropbox on our company website, see it here)

Step 3. Your clients will click on the link, and upload files via EmailLargeFile dropbox:

Step 4: You will receive their files in your DropBox package folder in your EmailLargeFile account:

In my next posts, I will explain how to set up Dropbox.

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