Sunday, September 30, 2012

EmailLargeFile customers get storage increase is primarily a file transfer solution. We provide intelligent file delivery service and offer our customers ample storage for their files and data.

Why storage is important? Before a file can be submitted via Emaillargefile file transfer, it has to be uploaded and stored on our servers. We keep our customers' files until they delete them, unlike some of our competitors such as Mailbigfile which costs twice as much per month, but keeps files only for 28 days. Even so, many of our customers don't use much of the file storage space offered to them. For example, most of our professional accounts don't normally store 25 GB of files within their allocated space.

We carefully review the list of available options on a regular basis, but there are some of the upgrades that we are glad to offer to our clients right away. Today, we are increasing the available storage for all our new and existing Personal accounts from 5Gb to 7Gb. This should help our clients store and transfer more data, and will make us even more competitive on the market.

To review and compare the list of available options, see the subscription plans comparison chart here.

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